November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving- Begins with gratitude

It's that time of year again, where we gather around the dinner table and relish in our families, and count our many blessings! Most of us are very fortunate to have the lives that we have, and at times we may find ourselves wishing for this or hoping for that, it's all about the happiness that we create for ourselves that count! No one is put on this earth to make you happy, happiness lies within, sure there are people that we look forward to being around, and they help light our way in this awkward place we call LIFE. But at the end of the day, it's entirely up to us to go out and achieve the things we want out of life.

Everyone has a different path, it can be riddled with spirals, and shake us and make us off balance, but in the end it's through these pebbled stones of life, that you can choose to be STRONG! I find that showing gratitude for even the smallest things, is wonderful, I can remember my first apartment being a studio apartment, and you would have thought I had a palace but I was HAPPY, something, somewhere to call my own! It was relatively small, but I had really nice closet space, 2 closets in fact, this made me happy, as I used to be a shopaholic. Not so much anymore, I still shop, but I am a little wiser with my choices, being a wife and now  mother will do that to you!

I was able to see a blessing, and have gratitude for something that I could call my own, so think about it! No matter how small you START, you never KNOW, how BIG, YOU will become. I am still small, if you ask me, but I am learning that life is all about showing gratitude for the small things, that will eventually turn into bigger and better opportunities. 

Take delight in being who you are, YOU are unique, there is no one like you, we may have similarities in families, but each of us is different! That's an awesome feeling, to know that no matter what circumstance you came from, or what surrounded you from the past, you can throw that off like an old coat, be spectacular, find creativity, do so much with your mind, talent, capabilities. You never know how far this will take you. Your life may even get turned upside down, but you can turn it right side up! 

Here's what my daughter is Thankful for, I am so happy she makes ART now, 

that I can share! (Proud Mom)



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

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Late Post Terrific Tuesday

This is a Terrific Tuesday Late post, I simply love this quote by Theodore Roosevelt, because it inspires you to think outside of yourself. Life is our destiny, it will have rigorous turns, but it's not meant to be a life of ease. Sometimes, we learn the most by going through obstacles, dusting ourselves off, and getting back up to try again! I especially, love these lines in the quote, "Let us live in the harness striving mightily; Let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out".

It means to keep going, no matter what, life has endless possibilities if you continue to pursue everything humanly possibly to help you achieve a better YOU!

Keep this close to your heart so that in spite of challenges, you continue to out perform yourself!



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

Makeup by 1 D Limited Edition Tins - Beauty Buys

As you brace yourself to find those coveted Black Friday Deals, there is 1 deal that you can bank on! The Makeup by 1D Limitied Edition Tins Collection, will be on sale for your holiday gift giving or even a selfish beauty buy for your self.You may recall my review of this collection in late August! I can honestly say that the these cosmetics did not disappoint there are plenty of colors to choose from, and stencils to keep your little ones busy, {in my case}.You will get every item inspired by their wonderful collection of music inspired by their love of telling a story through their music. If you have a beauty lover in your family, it is such a great item to give because it's already in its own special case, you just need to add the gift wrap, and you will be set to gift.

The holidays, are a very special time of the year to remember the people and the things, that those people love. For instance, even if you've forgotten to give a birthday gift, or remember anything else significant in a their lives,  you can rest assured that around Christmas time you will remember them. If anyone has played a role in making you happy this year, why not do the same for them?

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'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

November 24, 2014

Products I heart Styled Her Boutique Top 25 Holiday Picks

Styled Her Boutique Top 25 Holiday Picks

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