October 26, 2013

How It was Styled-Restricted Platform Ankle Booties

I am the kind of person, who can save an outfit or a special pair of shoes for a specific occasion. Well, I finally got this occasion to wear a really great pair of...  really cute and did I mention very high...heeled  pair of platform stiletto booties. 

For this post of  How it was styled, I am  featured  wearing a pair of grey leather, 4 inch, platform stiletto booties. I made the shoes the central focal point of the outfit because: 1. I promised you all, that I would eventually wear them, even though they are out of my range in heel height. 2. They made me very very tall for a blogging event I attended.

I also decided to pair the outfit with a green Worthington Chiffon Blouse,a pair of Coral Lee Shapetastic Jeans both items came from JC Penney. I am also in an H & M Boyfriend Blazer. I was very comfortable in the entire outfit except for maybe the platform stilettos, but they were so worth the hassle!

I love heels just not the 4 inch kind, especially since I thought I would topple over a small table!  Needless to say, I walked a lot slower than usual and stayed on the top of my toes the whole night. But still had a great time in the entire outfit. Take a good look at how you can create your own look! Any questions, or comments  you have on the posts are greatly  appreciated and thank you for reading and being great friends!

Hugs, Frederica 

"Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life"

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