December 7, 2014

Enter The Ultimate Life Blog GIveaway

I am so excited to have something to give away to my wonderful readers, but first let me tell you the story of  how the decision was made this year it was truly a beautiful accident!

I was definitely planning some sort of giveaway for you all, but I hadn't really decided on what, because it's kind of my first time giving away anything on the blog, and I don't know each and everyone of you personally enough to know what you'd like as individuals. Anyway, I ordered two shirts from the 1 Stylish Girl Tees Store , for myself, I design the shirts, but I have to pay for them just like everyone else does!

I didn't receive my order for over two weeks, so I started getting a little worried of course it was not the fault of SKREENED, but our trusty mail system failed to get the items to me on time. So at this point, I called into customer service and spoke to a wonderful manager by the name of Hilary, she told me she'd get back to me because it showed that the package had been delivered, I said, "No, it has not, I never got it!" The postal service claimed the items were delivered on a specific date, and they were not, so Hilary, knew I was getting pretty frustrated and decided to FED EX an additional pair of shirts my way.

By the time she sent the additional items out to me again, the Postal Service decided to deliver the same items, that they claimed had already been deliverd to me 2 days later. By now I had 4 items all the SAME, I called SKREENED again with my frustration, asking how I could send the remaining items back. I received another CSR who was a very nice gentleman. He told me,  "NO don't return them, give them away on your blog!"  I said, "Thank you, that's a wonderful idea."

They have the most considerate people at SKREENED, and you will really love ordering T-Shirts from them, as I love designing items for my store. 

Style Details: T-Shirt Chic Nouveau 2014 1 Stylish Girl T-Shirts 

Shoes: maurices (Noble Zip Up Bootie) 

Pants: Calvin Klein Jeans Faux Leather Moto Leggings 

Enter for your chance to win! T-Shirts retail for: $25.99 Each

I finally got a chance to wear my shirts and I am anxious to give one lucky winner their shirts! Comment on this blog post, use Rafflecopter and enter to win, the contest ends on December 15th, 2014  @12 Midnight . Winners will be announced on the blog and on Twitter! 

Hugs and Happy Holidays,


'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

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