December 7, 2014

Gifts for Him featuring JJ Threads

Christmas is upon us once again, and you probably have the same issue that I have every year, and that is, what should I get the special man in my life? I think buying stuff for men can be a lot harder, because believe it or not, some men are just pickier. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being picky, but if you got one item for them last year, they may not want the same thing this year!

It can be even harder when you first meet your special someone too, because you may be getting to know them and not have a clue as to what they even like. Shopping for men is very different than shopping for women, because it seems like there are limited choices too! I say that because I am a parent, and I find  a lot more items for my daughter, but find myself on a major hunt to find items for my son. It could be the fact, that women literally shop way more than men, if you go into any department store, we would definitely out number the average male shopper. 

I was so excited when I got the call from J.J. Threads to customize and design a shirt of my own as a Christmas gift for my husband! They make finding gifts for the special man in your life much easier.

Who is J.J. Threads: An authentic shirt maker, that uses various fabrics, and different textiles to make the most beautiful shirts around. The shirts are also tailored by custom tailors in HONG KONG.

Why choose J.J. Threads: If you want and need something special for that special man in your life, look no further than custom designed quality, and beautiful tailored dress shirts that can be worn for work, and everyday life! You'll also get the luxury that you love, for a one of a kind shirt that you custom designed.

Customer Service is phenomenal here, and they use FED EX to ship all merchandise directly to you.

J.J. Threads Company Motto: 

Take a look at some of the beautiful shirts that are already available!

Here is a look at one of the J.J. Threads dress shirts I had an opportunity to design! (Vote for or order my design here)

You can find this J.J. Threads dress shirt design here: 

Design your own J. J. Threads Design Now!



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