December 2, 2014

Terrific Tuesday Post 003

I love this quote by Edgar A. Guest, because it's amazing how eye opening these words are! You are the decider of your fate. If you choose the right paths in life, things will eventually come full circle for you.

There are also times, when we do make bad decisions that cause us to rethink everything that we thought we were doing was right! Even then you still have the choice to go left or go right! It's within these moments that we find ourselves looking for a different meaning from our lives.

We should always keep inventory about the current and past decisions that we've made. Some decisions will be for the better, some will make you think a whole lot harder than you ever did before.

To summarize life would be impossible, because we never know, how far life will take us, but we can always do our best to take the right path. Please keep this quote, and make it one of your daily affirmations to stay the course!



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

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