January 26, 2015

How It Was Styled- Winter Edition

Hello everyone, in this edition of How It Was Styled, this post is all about looking your best during the frigid temperatures, although when there is a blizzard on the way, like the one on the way for people on the North East Coast, it doesn't matter much. Luckily for me, Chicago is not currently on the path of the blizzard, and I am not really a fan of Winter, but I wanted to show you how I styled my new coat and cute boots.

There has not been a lot of snow yet for us, but I bet by the time I write this post, there will be mountains of it coming our way too! I am even hoping the groundhog won't see his or her shadow on February 2, 2015 meaning we get the dreaded 6 more weeks of Winter. What can you do but grin and bear it, right?

I have been on the hunt for some really warm and cute coats, I have yet to buy a new coat in about 3 years, of course I had to inform my husband of this and he bought 3 of them for me at Christmas time. I guess not going coat shopping in 3 years can be a good thing! It doesn't hurt to have a caring husband either. In this post, I am wearing my Michael Kors Coat with  faux fur hood, and boot socks rolled down as regular socks. If you have boot socks, don't be afraid to make them look like regular socks and use those to accentuate your outfit.

I also am wearing a brightly colored tank, with my Forever 21 Blazer, that I have had at least 3 years, did I mention, I am in need of new blazers also, we'll save that for a future post. I am a needs shopper vs. a wants shopper, so you won't really find me shopping a lot unless it's a need. Sometimes I do need and want, that can get a little tricky at times. If you find yourself in that same situation, be sure that there is  nothing you already have sitting around in your closet, that you could be getting plenty of wear out of it. I can't tell you how important it is to have basic tees & basic tanks in your closet, as the temperatures go down to single digits, they are great for layering over blazers, sweaters, sweatshirts, or anything else you can think of to stay warm!

I am including pictures from my style details in this post, as well as my new red coat, which I am hoping to wear soon!



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

Style Details:

Tank- Active Basic

Black Sequin Jeans- Mango

Black Shooties- Maurices

Tuxedo Blazer- Forever 21

Red Coat- GUESS

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