May 23, 2015

Art is in the heart series

Happy Saturday to all of my lovely readers, as you know Summer is just around the corner and school will be out soon! So, parents  will be looking for interesting & fun things to do with their kids.
My daughter happens to love making crafts, and DIY projects! The same things, I love to do! I decided to start an 'Art is in the heart series', with her. We've been planning other things to do this Summer as well, but this was an impromptu start to get boredom at bay! Kids, can be hard to entertain,  so it's best to find things that they are good at, and love doing!
If you can join in on the fun, that's even better. I really enjoy every creative moment, my daughter shares with me. I have even been taught the new school way of creating hearts and banners. There is a method to every thing these days.
Start a tradition of doing something new with your  children that they will treasure. Of course, going to camp is nice, but it's also expensive, and you may not get the quality time you need or want with your child.
You will need a bunch of supplies to get started with starting an art series with your child. But I have found too, that repurposing items, as well as using simple items you have on hand,  provide the greatest enjoyment of all.
Supplies List:
1. Permanent & Washable Markers
2. Daily Newspapers
3. Washable & Acylic Paints
4. Scissors
5. Scrapbook Paper
6. Glue
7. Buttons
8. Pipe Cleaners
9. Paper Bags (brown or colored)
10. Foam Boards (to create canvases)
11. Poster Boards
12. Cardstock
13. Washi Tape
14. Duct Tape
15. Glitter or Glitter Glue
16. Magazines
17. Pencils
18. Rulers
19. Paper Cutter
20. Stickers or other embellishments
If you are ever stomped for ideas, head to your local library or a local bookstore to get thousands of books on crafts with kids!
This list is long, but trust me some of these items you already have! Here's to having a wonderful Summer.
Enjoy our pictures my daughter created some self potraits of us that I simply adore! Create wondrrful memories 
of your own, this Summer!

'Always remember to live the, Ultimate Life'

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