May 1, 2015

Celebrating Girls' Night Out at Clothes Mentor

Hello my beautiful people, hope you're getting ready for all of the great things  about May. Well, I personally am glad to see April go, it was the worst for me, because I had an ear infection since April 8 th. I  am talking antibiotics, pain, constant visits & conversations to my doctor, needless to say, I  am looking forward to May!

My first ever & hopefully last experience with the dreaded ear infection.  I never knew adults could get them too! So I was very happy to get the invitation to attend the  Girls Night Event at Clothes Mentor in Villa Park, Illinois. 

For those of you who don't know what, Clothes Mentor is, they are a women's resale store that specializes in clothing sizes 0-26. They also carry petite and maternity clothing, as well as designer shoes & handbags. Let's just say I was in heaven talking about what I do and meeting all of their wonderful customers and sales associates for the event.

They have such incredible deals for customers on Girls Night too, for instance last night, you could get 20% off designer and regular priced items! But the most amazing deals of all, were the colored clearance tags, if you purchased one clearance item at full price you'd get the other at equal or lesser value for a PENNY!! What? I know right!! Incredible... The ladies of clothes mentor were so nice and helpful to all of their customers, that they even know most of them by name. 

How many times,  does this happen where you shop? I have shopped at Clothes Mentor a lot, and will definitely shop here again. Be sure to follow them on Facebook by searching Clothes Mentor Chicagoland, and checking out all of the hot trends they create. Sign up for emails and texts, so you're notified about the next Girls Night Out . 

Oh, I forgot to mention that they had a raffle of prizes for all of  their customers who attended!  That was my favorite,  I love seeing people win stuff:) I am a big game show fanatic,  not to mention magazine fanatic too, but my magazines were greatly appreciated last night by some little girls, who attended with their Mothers, definitely little fashionistas in the making! 

Check out some pictures here.


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