June 1, 2015

Fashion Mondays

Happy Monday! This post is going to get you excited to finish off Spring and jump right into Summer, lately I have adored the Lookbook Store, and all of their affordable offerings. I love to look great, but I don't like paying a whole lot of money for certain things. Somethings, you can splurge and save for like designer items, or furnishings for your home. But Summer is around for such a short period of time, why bother spending loads of money! If you're going on vacation, you might splurge a little bit, because you're going to a different locale, and you may want to look like a tourist. This fashion Monday post, has the cutest little striped body conscious dress, that looks great on every body type. If you're not certain how it would look on you, or you are feeling insecure about some parts, that you'd rather keep covered up, then opt for a longer inspired cardigan, some cute fringe boots, or a cool blazer to add even more appeal.

I hope you like this bit of outfit inspiration, and have a wonderful Summer! If you want this dress shop the link and go get it!



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