June 13, 2015

How It Was Styled Anniversary Edition 2015

Hello my beautiful readers, on June 10th, I was blessed to celebrate 10 years of marriage with my husband. The weather did not cooperate with us, it started out being beautiful,  but by the time my husband arrived, there was  hail stones and heavy rains.
Despite this,  I wanted us to celebrate and my daughter & I said, we wouldn't let the rain... rain on our parade or my  Anniversary, in this case. I think the huge storm makes a statement about marriage,  you have a lot of storms that come in relationships,  but if you love each other you can weather any storm!
I remember my wedding day like yesterday, it was humid, hot, and sunny. Literally the best day, I had ever experienced. That is outside the births of both my children.
We had a really nice family dinner planned, but as luck would have it, the heavy hail & rains never stopped! We were saving our appetites for most of the day, so that when my husband arrived,  we'd all get to celebrate.
All of a sudden the weather altered our plans. My hero of a husband,  braved the storms and got us take out dinner at Applebees, 1 of my favorite restaurants. 

Glad they were open, because we were all starving at this point! Yes, it can be frustrating when original plans go south, but we decided to make the most of the day! By taking pictures & eating our take out from Applebees, and being really grateful that we are all here as a family!

Afterall, these are the most important things to think of, when celebrating any special occasions in one's life!

Style Details:
Striped Midi Skirt- Macy's
Bomber Jacket- Forever 21
Black Zipper Tank Top- Forever 21
Black Pumps- Audrey Brooke

'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

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