July 19, 2015

Art heart series July

Hello Lovelies, 

I  certainly hope everyone is enjoying the Summer months. It has finally gotten hotter in July,  but June felt  more Fall-like, than Summer-like.  You may recall the series that I started this Summer, called the 'Art is in the heart series'. My daughter has really enjoyed being creative during this period, but we also coupled our time with Tennis, Homework Activities, and of course the  Art series.

It is such a great thing to see the development of your child, they go from not talking, to talking, and then finally being able to create some fantastic things! Now, that my daughter  can write, I  even got a Mother's Day Card, and a thoughtful Christmas letter. We have plenty of pictures  to share,  this time around.

My daughter likes inspirational things, like I do, so you will see words that encourage you. I  love that she's learning this all on her own, children need a creative outlet for Summer and beyond.

First of all,  the words were made by free hand with markers, pencils, and colored in with tape or marker to create beautiful wall art. We also used old cereal boxes, cut circles out of them to create even more inspirational words.

supplies needed:
1. Crayons
2. Scrapbook Paper
3. Markers
4. Duct tape
5. cereal boxes
6. cracker boxes

Have fun with this project, by being very creative.


'Always remember to live,  The Ultimate Life'

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