October 31, 2015

Halloween Happenings

Hi everyone,  I hope you had a great Halloween with your friends and family! This year, I opted to dress my children in regular clothes, and not buy costumes,  because I find that they are a waste of money, children either grow out of them, and they definitely don't want to wear the same thing twice. It was also really a fun experience to DIY our Halloween decor, for our table.

I  am now trying to adapt a new habit of having a decorative table for the holidays. I did this on Easter and again for Halloween. My daughter helped a lot because she loves being able to create her own things, too. Needless to say, we had a nice time, had way too much candy left, but the costumes we created can double up as extra clothing in  my children's wardrobes.

So nothing becomes a waste, and we get to see what happens next time. I hope you'll make your own Holiday Decor,  because it's fun and gives you the best times with your kids.

To create your own holiday decor get some colorful  posterboards,  markers,  ribbons, and glue or colorful masking tapes.  You can get most of these items at an arts and crafts store, or your local $1 Store. I also found plenty of items at Target, sparkly bats, and glittery owls.

My daughter was a Pumpkin Princess & Cheerleader,  while my son was Super Boy and a Baseball Player. I like to dress my children up the day before Halloween too. Get these memories in while you still can, they will be going off to college before you know it!

Next up is Thanksgiving and Christmas,  the last two holidays of the year, start planning your holiday table & home decor now.


'Always remember to live,  The Ultimate Life'

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