December 17, 2015

Ideas for getting into the Holiday Spirit

Hello lovelies,  I  don't know about you, but it's been really hard getting into the Holiday spirit this year. It maybe because so many bad things have been going on in our country, be sure to pray for peace and resoLuton to problems in the world.

 Things we don't expect to happen, do happen, this causes us to question, how can I  be happ, when I feel like the world around me is collapsing? My husband losing his Father this year was one of those devastating things.They were  very close and loved each other so much, he was a great man, with a great spirit, who can and will never be forgotten.

It was hard to be happy this year, because he left us in October,  but as parents, we have to put on a happy face for our children. One of our children has a birthday in November, children never fully understand death. I  don't either for that matter, but we are all given a certain amount of time to live here on earth. Decidedly,  if we achieve our dreams, love our families,  and truly cherish their presence in our lives,  that will make life more enjoyable.   It's so important to love people genuinely, give of your beautiful spirit, which helps you to feel good on the inside. 

Today,  I looked at some pictures of my husband and his father, taken 2 years ago, and got sad. Not because of the fact, he's no longer with us because I know that he's in another heavenly place. But, the sadness was from the fact that  losing someone that you love can never be forgotten.  You will remember the day over and over, so you just pray for strength, and know that the loved one you're missing, is missing you too!

The spirit lives on, even when our bodies fail. I  know that this may be a sad post for some of you, but I  had to talk about this to let you know, to stay strong as my husband has. He misses his wonderful Father, so much to have that kind of love for a parent is a gift from God. If you are still blessed to have your loved ones with you, get into the Holiday Spirit,  by celebrating their life, your love, and happiness.  This will always give you peace.

Although we are, still sad, if we fall apart what happens to the family that still remains? My daughter and I are busy making our DIY Christmas Decor. I  did have to get a wreath this year, as well as a few more items. But holiday decor, and Christmas Music, are usually great ways to get into the spirit.

Another couple of great ideas is to, volunteer somewhere during or before Christmas. Or send Christmas cards to the men and women overseas, who put their lives on the line everyday to protect us. Whatever way you decide to get into the Holiday Spirit,  be sure that you count your many blessings.

Hugs & Merry Christmas Lovelies,


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