March 12, 2016

How It Was Styled-Birthday Edition

Hi Lovelies,  today was my birthday and I am so thankful to my husband for making me feel extra  special on my day. By that I mean, he has been surprising me here and there, leading up to the big day! Birthdays are a way for us to reflect on who we are,  realize who we are, and focus on where we want to be.  As you get older,  life experiences, are supposed to  help you to become a wiser person. Today was all about my birthday hair, and shopping at ZARA, one of the largest retailers in the UK, now they are in the U.S.A (lucky us) ! We also had a great meal, at Gibson's Steak House, the service is just wonderful there, and the restaurant is always very busy.

Depending on who you have to take care of, whether it's your children or yourself, there is nothing more important than realizing what you want out of life, and making it happen. You learn by trial and error,  because life is not always good, but it can be made beautiful. I have learned not to worry about things that I can not control! I try to smile more, and I do appreciate life more. I love my family,  and friends that have become family too! God has truly blessed me with my two beautiful children,  and though parenting is very challenging, it is an important part of who I am. 

I strive to be a good parent in order to make sure that my children, see me as their role model. I want to make a good life for them, so that they to, can say that their mother was someone that not only loved them, but expected them to be successful individuals.

My birthday was so much fun, out to eat at Gibson's Steak House, and I can't wait for you to see How It Was Styled, in this edition of my blog!

I  decided to try a new wig & hairstyle because I am inspired by my YouTube VLOGGER (Sister Friends in my head), @DeeDee Woods, @AriesBeauty, @SamoreLoveTV, @CurvyAndBeautiful,


@Meet Lily Royce @ItsMyRayeRaye and many more ladies, that I love and subscribe to their channels!

 They are such inspirational people because they make each video fun, uplifting,  and empower women to look and feel their best! These ladies collaborate with one another, and their is no jealousy, there is room for everyone. Each lady has her own great personality, so even if it seems like they are doing the same things in their videos,  every lady's delivery is different.

My birthday pictures as well as outfit details listed below!

Style Details:
Dark Blue Moto Jacket *Forever 21*
Black Dress *Forever 21*
Ankle Booties *Steve Madden*
Hair *Lira*
Lipstick *Spotlight Red*
Necklace *C. D. Peacock*
Handbag *Dooney & Bourke*



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

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