August 8, 2018


Good morning Lovelies, I hope you're having a great rest of the Summer! I can't believe that Summer is almost gone, and that my kids will be starting back to school soon. I've been thing now that we only have approximately 3 1/2 months left in the year, have I achieved any or most of the things that I set out to do this year? These are questions that I ask myself, I really wanted to concentrate on a few things, but I winded up concentrating on too much, and getting only half of what I wanted to do accomplished.

As women we bear a lot of weight with family, life, and the things that we set out to accomplish in life, I know that's the way it is for me. I hope you all are close to achieving your 2018 New Year's Resolutions, because mine are definitely still a work in progress! This week alone, I started a new Instagram page for my Positive Inspirations Radio Show, if you haven't checked it out yet, please do! There's  a link to the show on the blog! My podcast focuses on living a positively HAPPY and HEALTHY Life, and other topics that will interest my listeners. I usually start the show with Positive Affirmations, we really all need those, because there are days, that we just aren't feeling like ourselves, or we think we could have done this or that better!

On the fun side of things, I had a 1  1/2  hour dance party in my house on yesterday, featuring YouTube  Videos with my self, my kids were there too, but because the songs are from the 90's they just weren't into as much as me!  Dancing is fun and is another great way of exercising and being happy. So if you're ever in a rut find your most memorable songs and just start dancing! YouTube is my favorite, and just start dancing it will bring back some of your favorite memories. You should have saw me dancing to NEW Edition, one of my favorite groups growing up, my daughter said I was the missing member. Lovelies, that's it for now, and here is my outfit post of the day!
Good morning Lovelies, Happy Wednesday!
Outfit Details:
Sunglasses: @JC Penney
SKIRT: @Discovery Clothing
SHOES: @Enzo Angiolini
LOVELIES, Always Remember to SMILE

ME and my beautiful kids, stopping for a quick selfie before we get some LA Michoacana Ice Cream!!

LA MICHOACANA ICE CREAM Vanilla & Cookies 'N'Cream! 



'Always Remember to Live, The Ultimate Life'

August 3, 2018

How It Was Styled August 2 2018

Hello Lovelies,

My husband & I stopped for a bite to eat and a quick pic!
Here are some pictures of what I wore, also stay tuned for more upcoming posts to the blog.

Sunglasses: @Guess

Shirt: @DiscoveryClothing
Skirt: @DiscoveryClothing

I paired my outfit with a pair of Everlast Sneakers, you can definitely wear sneakers with an outfit, it gives you that sporty chic vibe, and saves your feet when you're always on the go!

July 6, 2018

How It Was Styled-Fourth of July

Hello Lovelies,

The Fourth of July was on Wednesday and here is my outfit post of the day, well let's just say it was hotter than HOT on this day! To be exact it was 103 + degrees, and I didn't want to wear a pair of long pants or a dress and be uncomfortable. So what did I do? I cut my new white pants, made them into shorts, couldn't find a top that I originally want to wear and made this once BLOUSE, a sleeveless BLOUSE. Yes... I could go out and buy new stuff, which I did with my pants, Forever 21 had a great sale, so I ended up buying 3 pair of the same pairs of white jeans! Oh, one of them now is a SHORT, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a little designer in all of us. Whenever I am creating t-shirts I think about what my LOVELIES would pair the shirts with and I design t-shirts based on that idea!

I am not saying, I would do this for all my clothes, but I did it on this day!  I always want my LOVELIES,  to know that I am not this big name brand person.  I am just an everyday girl, everyday wife, and mother. I try to save time, and do what's convenient for me and my family!

I hope you like the look and I hope that I encourage you to look inside your closet and recreate a new look of your own.  (LOL) I was very excited to wear my holiday earrings that I purchased in June @BurlingtonCoatFactory. They are so cute!
Blouse: @DiscoveryClothing (recreated)
Pants/Shorts: @Forever21
Sunglasses: @FrancoSarto
Sandals: @RuffHewn



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

July 3, 2018

How It Was Styled-Black and White

Hello Lovelies,

Here is a new How It Was Styled post for you! I certainly hope that you all are enjoying the Summer, because it comes and goes by so fast, and then we're back to bundling up and wearing coats and gloves. Get out and enjoy it as much as you possibly can, my kids and I have actually created a Summer Bucket List, it's a list of all the stuff we'd like to get to do for the Summer, and I hope we accomplish it all before school starts again!

The outfit in this blog post was worn for date night with my husband, it allowed me to be cute and comfy, all of the things I look forward to whenever I wear anything! There's no need to look good, and your feet hurt, or your clothes are just uncomfortable to you. I wore this outfit recently for date night with my husband, and you can never go wrong when you wear a black and white outfit, I think it makes anyone look chic, and put together. I can tell you this, it's hard to look put together in the summer, because it's always HOT, Chicago has been seeing temperatures upwards of 100+ degrees with a massive heat index and heat warning. It's important to drink plenty of fluids, and stay out of the sun as much as you can, and definitely apply your sunscreen.

I wore a black top and white pants, and also paired it with a pair of yellow pumps, that I don't get to wear as often as I like, because I like them for special occasions. Wearing black and white is a great combination when you're putting together your summertime looks.

Style Details:

BLK T-Shirt @CharlotteRusse

White Drawstring  Pants @DiscoveryClothing

Yellow Shoes @BandolinoShoes



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

September 19, 2015

imPRESS Press-On Manicure

Hello lovelies, happy Saturday we have only a few days left of Summer, and it's been especially rainy the past couple of days in Chicago. With that being said, you only get a few more special days of great weather to go coat-less, and then Fall arrives. I really love Fall because you get to layer your clothing, wear cool boots, or shoes, but  I will definitely miss the Summer months. There's so much more you can do with an outfit creatively when Fall arrives, that also includes dressing up your nails. I had the opportunity to review the imPRESS Press-On Manicure, and I find that they are very easy to use and apply to your natural nails. When I was in college I remember wanting long nails, so I would get acrylic overlays, those cost a fortune $30-$35 per visit, trust me on a college budget, and working my way through school, this was not an option, coupled with buying books, impossible.

If you want to have nails like some of the celebrities you see, but not the cost:)  imPRESS Press-On Manicure are a great option for you to try. The designs are really pretty, and you get 24 nails in the package, with easy to use instructions. You simply make sure that your nails are clean, strong, and you press them onto your natural nail. I do not suggest that you pull the imPRESS nail off of your natural nail without making sure your nails are strong. I did this and my natural nails are not very strong, the best method to avoid any damage to your natural nails is,  if the nails are on simply apply  nail polish remover under the nails, for approximately a minute or more and gently peel off.

That was the only problem that I encountered with the product, I love the fact that a busy Mom like me, can have nails that look like I went to the salon. You can find these at your local Walgreen's, or you can see even more of the collection by visiting:



Over 40 colors and designs
Ultra-Hold Adhesive Technology
No Nail Damage- but read my review about having strong nails first!
No glue needed
I would recommend acetone & soak off removal for weaker nails like mine!
imPRESS Manicures last for one week!
No Dry Time No Mess
Just Peel & Go!



"Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life"

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