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Things to be eternally grateful for

Thanksgiving is just days away, and we treat it as the traditional holiday that it is, the food, the family, the works! But do we really appreciate the value of what we have, and are we truly grateful for every opportunity that we are given? Life is a blessing, and the people who we surround ourselves with, become the key people that make us the people that we are. Thanksgiving is about loving the people in your life, who matter most, acceptance of the love and spirit that we have created in life. Showing gratitude has significantly impacts our moods, awareness, and actions. The top 10 things I am eternally grateful for: 1. My life even with all of the ups and downs 2. My children- continue to teach me the true meaning of love! 3. A good cup of coffee- (preferably from McDonald's) 4. Food- Do you ever realize? How great it is to go to the fridge, and fix whatever meal you want 5. A new sense of self- Within the past 2 years, I feel like I have re-invented myself 6. Pe

Enjoying life and all of its seasons only takes moments....

Fall is by far one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, it is the opportunity to see all  of the beautiful colors of trees and the leaves as they change. Sometimes, we never really get to experience Autumn at its best, in our own lives. October in, Chicago has been especially beautiful this year,and we encourage you to experience the beauty of it in your own life. Sometimes, we are travelers in our own lives, but never really get to enjoy the experience, so get out your favorite camera, stop by your favorite roadside, look up at the trees, breathe in the fresh air, and truly feel this experience. As your, "Concierge Specialists", we want you to see what a beautiful day, in the fall looks like to us! We hope you take this opportunity, to experience, Downtown Chicago, and our beautiful Suburbs, and surrounding areas. So! Get out your camera out and experience  Fall and all of the other beautiful seasons.