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Positive Inspirations Radio Show 12/30 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Blog Talk Radio

Tonight's episode is our last show for the year 2012! We get a chance to answer some Email questions from our Listeners on the Air, and prepare you for the year 2013.  It is such an exciting episode that you don't want to miss any of the Positive Life Affirmations & Quotes that we are, sharing with you. Life is faced with challenges, and we now this, which is why we are also giving out some very important phone numbers, and websites to help anyone in need of support during this time of the year and beyond! Positive Inspirations Radio Show 12/30 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Blog Talk Radio

Positive Inspirations Radio Show 12/29 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Blog Talk Radio

Tonight is Saturday December 29, 2012  What are your New Year's Resolutions? Call into the show and let us know what you've got planned for 2013. Positive Inspirations Radio Show is a show designed to help listeners cope with the challenges of living a happy life. 2012 will be a reflection of inner growth, as you progress into 2013 you will want to exude outer growth. This episode deals with the loss of loved ones, and staying positive and on track with creating realistic goals for your life. The usual goals for every New Year include creating financial stability, and weight loss, but you should also include a mind change. In 2013 we need to resolve to be kinder to one another, to be more loving to one another, as well as be reflective in our own lives, which will enable us to set the most important goals for 2013. If we opt to change our moods, we can indeed create, a better, and happier life for ourselves. Follow us on Twitter:

Positive Inspirations Radio Show 12/15 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Blog Talk Radio

Welcome to the first of many Blog Talk Radio Episodes. The show is called 'Positive Inspirations Radio Show.' Featuring the host: Frederica Ehimen, i n life there are challenges that we face everyday. Positive Inspirations Radio, encourages you to be creative and empowered. We utilize anything positive to help you build and sustain through the challenges of life. In tonight's episode we discuss the tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut and how we need to find the "Love within ourselves".  Our life quotes and self affirmations, are derived from: Winston S. Churchill, and President John F. Kennedy.  Please enjoy the show, and download any previous episodes on Podcast via I-Tunes. Positive Inspirations Radio Show 12/15 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Blog Talk Radio XOXO Ultimate Life Blog

Where to get Brunch via Metromix Chicago

Check out these top choices for New Year's Brunch  New Year's Day is a great time to share with friends, family or yourself, we have gotten a great guide from @MetromixChicago via Twitter. This guide gives you the best places to go and get your grub on for the New Year  in  2013! There is nothing like getting a great meal with the people you love and sharing great conversations over the table. Who knows? Maybe you can solve the problems of the world, or come up with some new solutions for an even better future for yourself and others. The possibilities are endless, when you come together to share your most favorite necessity, FOOD! XOXO Ultimate Life Blog

How to save money at your local Dollar Tree Store

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Working towards a common goal

Living the ultimate life requires that you be a better listener, by becoming a better listener, it opens  up the opportunity to also become a better communicator. How many times do we get ourselves into trouble by not communicating our thoughts in our relationships? Whether it is personal or professional, we owe it to the world to listen to what others are trying to say. Many political disputes arise in this country  and can be avoided, if we would take the time to really listen to one another's views. Each side wants their opinions validated in some way, and the country loses out on the democracy we desperately seek in our elected officials. At that point, communication breaks down, and the war of words, and political ying yang ensues, is there a way to meet the middle ground in all aspects of our lives? There is, if  people take a realistic opportunity to listen to what makes sense, and help others in the process most of  what's going on in Washington, D.C., could be allevi

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Celebrity Mom Christina Milian

This is Christina Milian

Change your eating habits, and change your health

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The virtual reality of families

Families are becoming more and more disconnected from one another, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation Study. The average family spends about 18 hours a week together, and the National Average used to be about 26 hours. In the wake of social media, that teen you thought never speaks to you, now really never does. They may be doing 1 or 3 of the following things: texting,tweeting, or using Facebook all of the time.  How can parents conquer the digital divide? It can be hard to find significant time to be together, but you can start by implementing these simple steps: 1.Designate family night! 2. Allow a scheduled time for social networking! 3.Make them focus on making eye contact instead of handheld devices contact. 4.If your child has a facebook account ask them to accept you as a friend, and communicate with them there if you have too, please do not do this to the point where they would be embarrassed to call you their parent, but communicate in a way that they

Jennifer Hudson Releases Her First Book

Image Courtesy of To order Jennifer's Book about losing weight and how she triumphs in the entertainment industry, order it here! Jennifer Hudson Debuts New Book