The virtual reality of families

Families are becoming more and more disconnected from one another, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation Study.
The average family spends about 18 hours a week together, and the National Average used to be about 26 hours. In the wake of social media, that teen you thought never speaks to you, now really never does. They may be doing 1 or 3 of the following things: texting,tweeting, or using Facebook all of the time. 

How can parents conquer the digital divide?
It can be hard to find significant time to be together, but you can start by implementing these simple steps:

1.Designate family night!

2. Allow a scheduled time for social networking!

3.Make them focus on making eye contact instead of handheld devices contact.

4.If your child has a facebook account ask them to accept you as a friend, and communicate with them there if you have too, please do not do this to the point where they would be embarrassed to call you their parent, but communicate in a way that they know you understand about why they love all things social.

5.Parents should make sure that the online and personal lines of  communication never get blurred.

Think about the times you told your parents, you had to have the latest bell bottoms, shoe craze, or go to that noisy rock concert!


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