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Working towards a common goal

Living the ultimate life requires that you be a better listener, by becoming a better listener, it opens  up the opportunity to also become a better communicator. How many times do we get ourselves into trouble by not communicating our thoughts in our relationships? Whether it is personal or professional, we owe it to the world to listen to what others are trying to say. Many political disputes arise in this country  and can be avoided, if we would take the time to really listen to one another's views. Each side wants their opinions validated in some way, and the country loses out on the democracy we desperately seek in our elected officials. At that point, communication breaks down, and the war of words, and political ying yang ensues, is there a way to meet the middle ground in all aspects of our lives? There is, if  people take a realistic opportunity to listen to what makes sense, and help others in the process most of  what's going on in Washington, D.C., could be allevi