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Positive Inspirations Radio Show 01/26 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Blog Talk Radio

Welcome back! Positive Inspirations Radio Show is geared up with the top 20 life quotes and positive affirmations in tonight's episode. Tonight's topic is: " The Key to Kindness". Did you know that if you commit to being kinder, and or  helping others through volunteerism, that you could make yourself happier? Take a listen to the tips about being kinder, and how you can get in on the action of helping others in the #26ActsofKindness, which was created by NBC News Correspondent, Ann Curry. Her mission is to remember the lives that were lost in the Newtown, Connecticut Sandy Hook School Shooting. The message is to help us to remember that the world can be a kind place to live in.  The #26ActsofKindness is proof that something good, can always come out of something bad. We hope that this means real change for our children and American Schools. Positive Inspirations Radio Show 01/26 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Blog Talk Radio

Finding the fundamentals of happiness

Finding the fundamentals of happiness It has never been more evident that happiness is tied into being the person you want to be, but not always the person you turn out to be. If you find the fundamentals of happiness in your life, you can make your life evolve in some format. Tonight's episode of Positive Inspirations Radio Show, encourages you to create a gratitude journal for yourself as well as your family. A great way to incorporate gratitude with your teenagers is to have them start writing in their journal, studies show that a teen that shows gratitude is much happier and successful. Be sure to have a family night where everyone in the family has written  in their gratitude journal and exchanges the journal with one another.  This can be empowering for the spirit of your family, take action steps to maintain your own sense of happiness. Enjoy this episode where we will give you Positive Life Quotes, and Self Affirmations that you can utilize in your daily life