Finding the fundamentals of happiness

Finding the fundamentals of happiness

It has never been more evident that happiness is tied into being the person you want to be, but not always the person you turn out to be. If you find the fundamentals of happiness in your life, you can make your life evolve in some format. Tonight's episode of Positive Inspirations Radio Show, encourages you to create a gratitude journal for yourself as well as your family.

A great way to incorporate gratitude with your teenagers is to have them start writing in their journal, studies show that a teen that shows gratitude is much happier and successful. Be sure to have a family night where everyone in the family has written  in their gratitude journal and exchanges the journal with one another. 

This can be empowering for the spirit of your family, take action steps to maintain your own sense of happiness. Enjoy this episode where we will give you Positive Life Quotes, and Self Affirmations that you can utilize in your daily life.


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