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Positive Inspirations Radio Show 07/27 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Life Podcasts

Today is July 27, 2013 and you are getting ready to hear another episode of "Positive Inspirations Radio Show". Our topic tonight will focus on the evolution of change in your life, how you can expect to find growth and challenges and still somehow come out to be the victor in all of your pursuits. The process that we call life will have roadblocks, bumps, bruises, and sometimes even hills that we must climb, but it is through these challenges that we face we eventually become the people we wanted to be all along. Being who you are is what makes you the person that you are, in life you can't rely upon others to make you a happier person. You must find that power within yourself, what is it that you can do differently to become the kind of person that you want to be? Is it a process of mini steps, or is it a very gigantic step, each measure of success or failure does eventually get you closer to the place you want to be in life. Listen to this episode Now!! Positiv

The power of key pieces in a wardrobe

Fashion has always been an important part of how we non-verbally communicate with each other. Before a person utters one single sentence, a person may summarize who you are by looking at how you dress. I know to some people this can become an awful conclusion that you didn't really care about how you looked, because of one bad outfit. It happens on Fashion Police all of the time, some celebrities have made fashion mistakes. Everyone deserves a break for instance if I am rushing, I may put on the first thing available, but I always try to center my wardrobe around key pieces that I can create other outfits with. Your key pieces should look great with anything.  Creating an outfit basically means that you are trying to make a statement with the way you dress. Before you buy anything be sure that it is saying what you want it to say about you.  Key pieces, may be centered  around a blouse, a statement necklace, a shirt, blazer, pants, or skirt. Check out some of

Staying Positive in a Negative World

I am always so amazed at how much negativity exists in our everyday lives,  it can often be hard to keep a positive outlook for ourselves and our future. There are some very important steps that you can take to elevate your levels of happiness. I would be kidding you if I told you, everyday of your life you will always be happy, I wish that were true. There are those few people that are always in a great mood, I try really hard to stay in a great mood all of the time. But when I feel that I am not at my peak levels of happiness, I do a self-check with myself to see what it is that I can do to make myself feel happier. Is it an immediate fix? No... it takes some time to know what triggers you to be in a good state of mind. I believe that if most people remain as happy and positive as possible it will definitely help you live longer and enjoy your life a lot more. If it's something you can fix immediately, then fix it right away, being unhappy affects you in every sense of the wor