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Today is July 27, 2013 and you are getting ready to hear another episode of "Positive Inspirations Radio Show". Our topic tonight will focus on the evolution of change in your life, how you can expect to find growth and challenges and still somehow come out to be the victor in all of your pursuits. The process that we call life will have roadblocks, bumps, bruises, and sometimes even hills that we must climb, but it is through these challenges that we face we eventually become the people we wanted to be all along.

Being who you are is what makes you the person that you are, in life you can't rely upon others to make you a happier person. You must find that power within yourself, what is it that you can do differently to become the kind of person that you want to be? Is it a process of mini steps, or is it a very gigantic step, each measure of success or failure does eventually get you closer to the place you want to be in life.

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Positive Inspirations Radio Show 07/27 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Life Podcasts

We also mentioned a couple of great and inspiring stories about people in the community, that were making a big difference in their lives as well as others.  The details about their stories are posted here, source: Huffington Post Good News
1. 'Compton Cricket Club' - 'Compton Cricket Club' Video Shows Origins, Benefits Of Inner City Cricket http://huff.to/1dV4Oeg

2. A woman newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis inspires us to face life's challenges head on by competing in some marathons that take their toil on the human body. She completed  366 Marathons In 365 days.

Thank you for supporting the show and we hope you'll join us every weekend!
-Live life to the fullest-love someone completely-and be happy with who you are fully! (F.E.) XOXO


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