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96 Year-Old Man writes love song for deceased wife

Have you ever loved and missed someone so much, that you wrote them a beautiful love song? Well, Fred Stobaugh wrote his recently deceased wife Lorraine, a beautiful  love song in rememberance of their love. Their love story is  one that spans 75 years long,  it is one that's sure to make you cry in a sad but happy way! Jacob Colgan, of  Green Shoes Studios was running a singer/songwriter contest when he happened to receive a large yellow envelope from Fred Stobaugh who is, neither a singer or a songwriter; but merely a man who loved and missed his beloved  wife, Lorraine so deeply that after she passed away, he wrote a song about her and their wonderful years spent together. Jacob says that the contest rules were that  contestants  enter via YouTube, but 96 year-old Fred Stobaugh was no typical contestant. For starters he stated in his entry that he was not a singer or a songwriter and delivered his  lyrics in a large yellow envelope.  Memories now attached with lyrics th

Great everyday tips that will boost happiness

We are all in search of the sometimes elusive but much desired form of happiness in our lives. If we think long and hard you can't accomplish much in your life if you are unhappy. But being happy is a journey through life! That never ending puzzle piece that we try to define with every waking moment. Sometimes it's very easy to obtain happiness, but often times it's not. Happiness is that place of contentment that you have established for yourself! The happy median of getting what you want out of life. We can't  have too much of it, but we can definitely have to less of it. How do you practice achieving happiness everyday? As I have said in the past, it takes a few great strides to get to the levels of happiness you find appropriate for your own life. I saw this great video on Huffington Post, and wanted to share it with you. If you practice any of these things...That's great! If not perhaps, you are well on your way to self discovery and some amazing new s

How It Was Styled Outfit of the Day

Hello everyone, it's been a really hectic week, if I must say so,  first of all school has begun again and I am running around  trying to get my 1st grader prepared for her 1st day and beyond! Which is a really fun time for me, but I am definitely using some of my own advice when it comes to time management. Ask me later when the holidays come etc; and maybe things won't be going as great. I have some exciting news to share! I have been asked to be a PeopleStyleWatch Style Hunter, get all of the details  about this on the  page entitled: fashion deals of the month!  I will be giving all of my lovely readers style inspiration, style tips and YES.... coupons and exclusive savings at most of the stores featured in the People StyleWatch Magazine.  I have so many copies of this magazine you'd think I work there.That really would never be bad because  I would love to style every photo shoot. Well, I digressed for a moment, sorry about that! I am hoping everyone ha

Positive Inspirations Radio Show 08/17 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Life Podcasts

Positive Inspirations Radio Show 08/17 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Life Podcasts Welcome to the podcast for the Positive Inspirations Radio Show, hosted by Frederica Ehimen. On August 17, 2013 we talked about Suicide Prevention and gave out the telephone number for the site. It is always important to be aware of ways that we can help each other in this world. Here is the National Suicide Prevention Hotline Number for Veterans also: 1 (800) 273-8255 and the number for National Eating Disorders is: 1 (800) 931-2237. To get additional information from the agencies please visit the links listed below. National Suicide Prevention:   National Suicide Prevention Website National Eating Disorders Prevention:   National Eating Disorders Prevention Never assume that by looking at a person that they are alright if you are unsure of the signs, please contact the organizations listed above for additional assistance. Sad Celebrity News Gia Allemand--   http://www.orlandose

How It Was Styled Back to School

As you may know by now Summer is definitely coming to an uncomfortable end:( But that doesn't mean all is lost we still have FASHION to keep us warm well into Fall! Some pieces that you have can be re-styled, re-mixed and edited for your Fall wardrobe. I know, say it isn't so...time for all of us busy Moms to go back-to-school as well. We've been clamoring for all of the must have items for our children and it is so important that they get the right school supplies and accessories needed for learning. Back to school time  is a time for reflection, over-scheduling and dare I say it? H-o-m-e-w-o-r-k  that is our children's least favorite word, but teaching them the importance of learning is essential. For instance if you have a first grader like me taking your child to the store with you for Back-to-School  shopping can be a learning experience about budgeting and only getting the items that we really need versus the things we really want! If you have a coupo