96 Year-Old Man writes love song for deceased wife

Have you ever loved and missed someone so much, that you wrote them a beautiful love song? Well, Fred Stobaugh wrote his recently deceased wife Lorraine, a beautiful  love song in rememberance of their love. Their love story is  one that spans 75 years long,  it is one that's sure to make you cry in a sad but happy way!

Jacob Colgan, of  Green Shoes Studios was running a singer/songwriter contest when he happened to receive a large yellow envelope from Fred Stobaugh who is, neither a singer or a songwriter; but merely a man who loved and missed his beloved  wife, Lorraine so deeply that after she passed away, he wrote a song about her and their wonderful years spent together.

Jacob says that the contest rules were that  contestants  enter via YouTube, but 96 year-old Fred Stobaugh was no typical contestant. For starters he stated in his entry that he was not a singer or a songwriter and delivered his  lyrics in a large yellow envelope.  Memories now attached with lyrics that took him six weeks after his wife's death to write. Was it Lorraine trying to give him peace and closure that she would always be with him no matter what?  

Everyone should experience a love this great! Fred was anxious to get his thoughts out and never knew how things would turn out, once the envelope showed up at Green Shoes Studios.
He got a surprising call from Jacob telling him that they were about to make this song into a reality! Even though he didn't fit the criteria for the contest  his song was very special and needed to be heard by people like me who love 'love stories' and happiness.

Green Shoes Studios was willing to make the song possible for him, at no cost, at first was unbelievable  because, he has no money to make this happen why would they do this for him?
Showing someone kindness do help to make the world a better place for all of us to share. He never  knew that  writing a love song from his heart, to show his one true  love, of 75 years how cherished she was meant so much to him and everyone else that still believes in eternal love!


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