Great everyday tips that will boost happiness

We are all in search of the sometimes elusive but much desired form of happiness in our lives.
If we think long and hard you can't accomplish much in your life if you are unhappy. But being happy is a journey through life! That never ending puzzle piece that we try to define with every waking moment.
Sometimes it's very easy to obtain happiness, but often times it's not. Happiness is that place of contentment that you have established for yourself!
The happy median of getting what you want out of life. We can't  have too much of it, but we can definitely have to less of it. How do you practice achieving happiness everyday? As I have said in the past, it takes a few great strides to get to the levels of happiness you find appropriate for your own life.
I saw this great video on Huffington Post, and wanted to share it with you. If you practice any of these things...That's great! If not perhaps, you are well on your way to self discovery and some amazing new steps you can take!
Read and watch the video here, 'The Simple Habits of Happy People'.
-Until next time my friends..XOXO Frederica


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