How It Was Styled Back to School

As you may know by now Summer is definitely coming to an uncomfortable end:( But that doesn't mean all is lost we still have FASHION to keep us warm well into Fall!

Some pieces that you have can be re-styled, re-mixed and edited for your Fall wardrobe. I know, say it isn't so...time for all of us busy Moms to go back-to-school as well.
We've been clamoring for all of the must have items for our children and it is so important that they get the right school supplies and accessories needed for learning. Back to school time  is a time for reflection, over-scheduling and dare I say it?

H-o-m-e-w-o-r-k  that is our children's least favorite word, but teaching them the importance of learning is essential. For instance if you have a first grader like me taking your child to the store with you for Back-to-School  shopping can be a learning experience about budgeting and only getting the items that we really need versus the things we really want!
If you have a coupon for an item your child needs you could explain to them, "That this item is normally $25 but I have a coupon for 15% off and it now only costs me $21.25".
This excludes tax which varies from place to place, but you get the general idea of teaching your children the valuable necessity of shopping and counting!

Here is hoping you get Back-to-School in fashionable style and learn a lot more about yourself and your children in the process. "Everyday is a learning experience, so never stop learning". (F.E)

Also check out how I styled my outfit, I call this look comfy cozy, I am wearing a 'Forever 21'  black tuxedo blazer and headwrap, a Made to make me look amazing tee-( that is the actual name of the designer) blue lace back tee, and 'Simply Vera- Vera Wang' dressy cargo pants, black sequin belt and yellow 'Bandolino' dres
s pumps!

Try this look yourself and send me some pics!

My little girl & I doing some Back to School Shopping!


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