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Hello everyone, it's been a really hectic week, if I must say so,  first of all school has begun again and I am running around  trying to get my 1st grader prepared for her 1st day and beyond! Which is a really fun time for me, but I am definitely using some of my own advice when it comes to time management.

Ask me later when the holidays come etc; and maybe things won't be going as great. I have some exciting news to share! I have been asked to be a PeopleStyleWatch Style Hunter, get all of the details  about this on the  page entitled: fashion deals of the month!

 I will be giving all of my lovely readers style inspiration, style tips and YES.... coupons and exclusive savings at most of the stores featured in the People StyleWatch Magazine.  I have so many copies of this magazine you'd think I work there.That really would never be bad because  I would love to style every photo shoot. Well, I digressed for a moment, sorry about that!

I am hoping everyone had a great week and you are starting to get your Fall wardrobe ready. Its been extremely warm in Chicago so we haven't really thought about Fall just yet. We know the cooler temperatures are coming and we are determined to stay with the dog days of 
Summer, literally as long as we possibly can! 

If you have ever been to Chicago in the Winter you know what Winter can be like here it is a very brutal season with cold, howling winds and  frigid temperatures. The good thing about it all is you can still be fashionable most times if it's not below zero. I remember I never liked to wear hats when I was in College I paid for it dearly one  Winter, when I decided to walk to school after having dinner Downtown and going to my college which was also in Downtown Chicago. Let's just say it was a learning experience for me.  

On a below zero evening, my ears got frostbitten, if you have ever experienced frost bite you know that my ears were the size of tennis balls and it was so awful that I wound up going to the hospital to get  help in healing them faster. So fashion in Chicago on the coldest days of the year are always really hard, but never ever ever forget your hats as I did! 

Here is a really great outfit that I love and know that you can pull off too! It's one of my favorite type of dresses to wear a wrap dress, they are so versatile and it happens to be in one of my favorite colors which is purple. I will give you the breakdown of the entire outfit later in this post.

 If you have any great outfits of the day you want to share with me. Send me an Email or comment on this post and I will share it with the other readers. 
We are all influencers of style, so it's always great to share whatever inspires you to dress the way that you do!

Ralph Lauren Purple Wrap Dress

Candies White Blazer! Yes I finally got a chance to wear it, you may remember this from a previous blog post...

Simply Vera Vera Wang Gladiator Sandal-Booties

The accessories: Shoes, Sunglasses, Clutch Purse

The Finished Look: #OOTD (one of my favorite looks)


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