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Fun Things To Do in Illinois

Illinois is a great place to explore landmarks, and enjoy the various festivities all around town. You can take your friends, and definitely your family to most of these fun and happening events. Although, Illinois will be getting colder for the upcoming Fall/Winter season it doesn't mean that you won't can't  enjoy the colder months that lie ahead. I have listed a website recommendation below, so that you will be able to download a free guide and get information on all of the great things to do in the city and its surrounding areas. If you didn't really get an opportunity to enjoy the Summer months, there is no need to worry because Illinois has everything you need to keep you and your family enjoying plenty of time together. On this website you will find out about things to do, regions and cities, upcoming festivals and events. Travel Deals, Trip Starters, and Seasonal Features on Illinois living. If you need more recommendations feel free to make a comment

Positive Inspirations Radio Show-Anger and temper issues can ruin your life

Good evening everyone, if you missed the September 21st, 2013 edition of Positive Inspirations Radio Show here is a run down of the topics we discussed. Please reach out to us via Email with your questions, show ideas, and or comments. We look forward to connecting with our listeners as often as possible.  Tonight's topic is entitled: "Is your anger or temper destroying your life?"  Anger is a natural emotion that we have but, if it's mismanaged and we lash out at loved ones as well as other people frequently, we may have a problem dealing with anger. Anger Management is an important topic which affects 1 out of 5 people, if you feel that you are enraged more than you are happy, you may need to seek  help in order to deal with these issues.  The 27 life quotes and positive affirmations on tonight's show focused on dealing with adversity in your life. One of the quotes that really reflected the message of the show was this one below: There is nothing

How It Was Styled Boho Chic

I love fashion so I definitely don't have one particular go to style. Whatever I am wearing it always has to look really pulled together, I usually always wear a blazer, jacket or sweater, because I am usually always cold. I know what you're thinking... in the Summer time too?  Yes... even in the Summer time.  You have to find something in your wardrobe that makes your entire look feel really pulled together. It may be an accessory, shoe, or your favorite color.  Be sure that you feel really comfortable in whatever you are wearing, because if your feet hurt or something is too tight!  You will feel miserable the whole night. For me I love being comfortable with whatever I am wearing so I am never going to be caught in 5 inch heels. Although, I got pretty close by getting a pair of 4 inch platform booties. I couldn't resist... I hope to wear them this Fall and showcase them in a future post for you! Check out my interpretation of Boho Chic in this edition of How it was

Friday's Quote of the day

Have you ever imagined what kind of life you could have for yourself? If not, what are you waiting for? Life has been given to us for an important reason and that is to live it more fully, frequently and abundantly. How can you start doing the things that you love more often? You can find out what it is, that you have to give, so that you can live your life more happily and abundantly. We find that in life what we envision for ourselves hasn't come true yet, so we eventually throw in the towel, or give up. That's the time when you need to motivate yourself the most. Being positive and wishing great things to happen for you in your life are a gift that you have. It is a way to encourage yourself that whatever struggle or obstacle that you have or may face won't stand in the way of your opportunity. The opportunity to live and be your true self. I have chosen this great quote by Oprah Winfrey for Friday's quote of the day! XOXO-Frederica

Fashion Week 2013 Michael Kors Collection

Yes... I know you want to know about Fall trends, so I have decided to compile a list of my favorites this year via YouTube. First up is the Michael Kors Fall 2013 Collection, the style trend in this collection is futuristic, stylish and sophisticated. A nod to the sunglasses that the models are wearing with almost every outfit. There is a great mixture of color blocking, camouflage done right, because, too much camouflage done wrong...will have us recruited into the Army Reserves... Lol... Not sure I can handle that one! Be sure to take note of the cobalt blues, peplum bustiers, leather bright colors in this collection. You can always count on the Michael Kors Collection, to provide an introspective look into playing fashion forward! Watch the video here- I am a proud subscriber of Fashion TV and Lucky Magazine of course!

Positive Inspirations Radio Show- The True Value of Happiness is

Hello everyone, tonight was another great episode of Positive Inspirations Radio Show, despite my voice being a little out of tune.  Lol... I had a really great time talking to my listeners tonight, I am really encouraged by the great feedback and comments that we get and we hope to always encourage our listeners to be the best people that they know how to be! Tonight's topic is entitled: "The true value of happiness is linked to kindness". We all know how great it feels when someone extends kindness to us, or we give it in return.By being kind to someone else it makes you a selfless and unselfish person. Kindness is something people have to practice at in order to be really great at it! There are so many different ways to exhibit kindness, there are Random Acts of Kindness, as well as doing something out of the ordinary to help someone else. These always improve the way you feel about yourself as well as others.  Listen to the podcast here on BlogTalkRadio:  ht