Friday's Quote of the day

Have you ever imagined what kind of life you could have for yourself?
If not, what are you waiting for? Life has been given to us for an important reason and that is to live it more fully, frequently and abundantly. How can you start doing the things that you love more often? You can find out what it is, that you have to give, so that you can live your life more happily and abundantly.

We find that in life what we envision for ourselves hasn't come true yet, so we eventually throw in the towel, or give up. That's the time when you need to motivate yourself the most. Being positive and wishing great things to happen for you in your life are a gift that you have.

It is a way to encourage yourself that whatever struggle or obstacle that you have or may face won't stand in the way of your opportunity. The opportunity to live and be your true self.
I have chosen this great quote by Oprah Winfrey for Friday's quote of the day!


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