How It Was Styled Boho Chic

I love fashion so I definitely don't have one particular go to style. Whatever I am wearing it always has to look really pulled together, I usually always wear a blazer, jacket or sweater, because I am usually always cold. I know what you're thinking... in the Summer time too?  Yes... even in the Summer time. 

You have to find something in your wardrobe that makes your entire look feel really pulled together. It may be an accessory, shoe, or your favorite color.  Be sure that you feel really comfortable in whatever you are wearing, because if your feet hurt or something is too tight! You will feel miserable the whole night.

For me I love being comfortable with whatever I am wearing so I am never going to be caught in 5 inch heels. Although, I got pretty close by getting a pair of 4 inch platform booties. I couldn't resist... I hope to wear them this Fall and showcase them in a future post for you!

Check out my interpretation of Boho Chic in this edition of How it was styled! I am wearing: Ann Taylor Maxi-Dress, Forever 21 Hooded Zipper Cape, Diesel Shoe Booties, Franco Sarto Sunglasses, and a Black Purse. Until next time my friends! 


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