Chicago's upcoming events for October 2013

Chicago is by far the best place to go on family outings, Downtown Chicago has a plethora of things to do! Family and kid friendly is definitely what you are after, (those of us with kids of course)...especially since we know how awful Winter can be around our town. Luckily for us, it has still been in the low 80's except for those early morning temps when it feels more like low 50's. Who's complaining definitely not me, you take what you can get, I know Winter is coming soon. Last year we seemed plagued with plenty of snow, but not as frigid temperatures.

We definitely don't know what this year will bring us, but for now there is nothing wrong with enjoying a little extended Summer weather. Family time is so hard to obtain sometimes, because both parents are working, the children are in school and have activities, but spending as much time as possible with your family is always a great thing to do! 

It's in those moments that we share with our little ones, that they may say something we didn't expect, or take a first step we were waiting for. Or if you have teenagers it could be a great time to talk with them about what's going on in their lives outside of school, and friendships. 

I have provided a link for you to discover October's upcoming events in Millennium Park. 

City of Chicago :: Millennium Park - Upcoming Events

If you are not near Millennium Park, no worries... leave a comment or send me an Email and I will direct you to some events 
happening in your town!


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