How It Was Styled October Mom's Night Out

Have you ever wished that Fall could become Summer? Or Summer could become Fall? Well, with a couple of tips and tricks your wardrobe will never know the difference. You may only notice the difference, if you concentrate on the changing seasons really, really  hard. Luckily, Chicago weather has cooperated pretty well up until October this year.  It almost still  feels like Summer instead of Fall, right now. So, with that in mind it's been really easy to transition some of my favorite pieces into Fall.

The new season is not always about spending a lot on an entirely new wardrobe but adding to some of your key pieces that will easily withstand any trend. For this edition of How it was styled October Edition, my focal point is basically centered around the key piece which is a classic white shirt.

A white shirt is a classic that every woman needs in her closet, you can wear it with basically anything and feel like you are ready to go just about anywhere. Take a look at some of my choices, and hopefully you'll come up with some great style ideas of your own!

Hugs, Frederica

"Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life"

Fashion Details: 
Classic White Shirt
Leather Bolero Vest
Leather Mini Purse
Denim Jumper Dress
Red Cork  Sandals


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