How It Was Styled October Date Night

As in the previous post for How it was styled October Edition, you will  see that a classic white shirt is the inspiration for my second look as it was in my first look. This second look was actually worn for a date night with the hubby! 

I am wearing a few more accessories with this look, which actually makes it very different from the first look that was  based on a  denim jumper dress. I felt very comfortable in this look because we all know, when we're going on a date with our husbands or boyfriends, we definitely want to look as cute as possible!  

This look has a lot of Fall  in it with the denim vest, classic white shirt, and red pants with zipper accents on both sides. 

Take a look at how I styled this outfit, for this post, when you're a busy wife and mother you live in pants. I am just glad that these were comfortable and had zipper accents.... LOL

Hugs, Frederica

"Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life"

Fashion Details:
Classic White Shirt
Black Leather High Heel Sandals
Denim Vest
Gold Tone Beaded Necklace
Purple Handbag


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