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October is a great time to wear the items that you love the most, for my outfit of the day, I chose a  black blazer, denim shirt, and burgundy skirt. These are all great colors for Fall, I also paired the outfit of the day with a pair of ankle boots.The sun was shining so brightly on this day, it was absolutely wonderful! The Fall trees are changing color, some of them resembled my burgundy skirt!

Take some clues from the leaves falling all around you, to add some colorful inspiration to your wardrobe, you can never go wrong with denim or burgundy for Fall in my opinion. These colors can be easier for people that may gravitate toward black, or gray colors during colder weather. If you are that person, maybe you can switch it up this Fall and Winter. I used to love wearing darker colors in Autumn and Winter, but I noticed that the more vibrant colors you wear the happier that it makes you feel.

You don't have to try anything drastic, but try a little color and see where it leads you! If you are wearing a black skirt, liven your outfit up by wearing a colorful pair of tights or shoes. You might be surprised by the fact the more colorful you are in dressing the more colorful your mood will be. 

Hugs, Frederica

"Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life"

Fashion Details:

Denim Shirt
Burgundy Skirt

Gray Ankle Boots


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