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Saturday's Quote of the Day

Have you ever wondered what you could become in life? In this original quote by me, I thought of where I came from. Not having my mother in my life affected me in a lot of ways, but I was able to get past that pain. I had the love of my grandmother who adopted me and called me her own child for a while, but I still had that emptiness. That feeling that only a mother can feel, sometimes no matter how hard someone tries to fill the void of someone else it just never happens.  A lot of people in my own family thought I'd turn out to be a difficult person, who never wanted anything out of life. They may have wished that I failed a time or two, but I know with God's grace and love, I was able to form my own life out of the ashes of my past. A past that I had no control over for a while, until I became of age. I knew I wanted to finish college, I knew I wanted to work my way through school by sometimes holding down two jobs, and when I got my first studio apartment, it was unfurni

How It Was Styled-Thanksgiving Day

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends. I know that I  sure did! My family and I were able to spend the holiday with my very wonderful friend who is more like a sister to me, than a friend. I have another great sister/friend as well, so I count myself as pretty lucky to have them both in my life! Holidays, are tricky because you can become unsure of what to wear. You don't like the idea of being overdressed if you're going to a friend's house for dinner, which was the occasion for me, but you still need to look nice for pictures! Now, if it's a more formal occasion you may want to dress up the look I 've created even more and you can always do that, by adding a statement necklace with a really great pair of heels plus adding a gorgeous clutch purse! For my Thanksgiving Day Outfit, I decided to wear a pair of Narcisco Rodriguez track pants, a colorful necklace,and Guess Sunglasses!  A pair of Nine West Booties,For

Happy Thanksgiving gratitude that counts

Hello, my dear readers I am writing this special post to tell you about some of the things that I am most thankful for. The artist for  this blog post, is my talented and beautiful daughter, this time of the year in  November is the best time of the year for me, because it is when my first born graced me with her beautiful presence.  I don't know what I'd do without her, she makes me smile when I want to cry, and  she helps me tremendously with her brother she is an absolute angel at being a big sister! So definitely, my list is a lot longer than I could ever mention here. I believe in showing gratitude for everything you have and have been blessed with. Believe it or not when you show appreciation for the things you already have you open your life up to so many more possibilities! So here is a short list of my top ten things  I am  thankful for. My now 7 year-old Daughter's  Artistry!! 1. My husband, he allows me to see the humor in life and not t

'Modern Sophistication'

'Modern Sophistication' by fredericaehimen featuring high heel shoes