Saturday's Quote of the Day

Have you ever wondered what you could become in life? In this original quote by me, I thought of where I came from. Not having my mother in my life affected me in a lot of ways, but I was able to get past that pain. I had the love of my grandmother who adopted me and called me her own child for a while, but I still had that emptiness. That feeling that only a mother can feel, sometimes no matter how hard someone tries to fill the void of someone else it just never happens.

 A lot of people in my own family thought I'd turn out to be a difficult person, who never wanted anything out of life. They may have wished that I failed a time or two, but I know with God's grace and love, I was able to form my own life out of the ashes of my past. A past that I had no control over for a while, until I became of age. I knew I wanted to finish college, I knew I wanted to work my way through school by sometimes holding down two jobs, and when I got my first studio apartment, it was unfurnished but I managed to survive it all! I wanted to meet someone and fall in love, get married, and have children.

 I wanted to be in their lives forever, and help steer them in the right direction. I couldn't see my ability then, but it is within a world well traveled that you begin to see the person you hope to become. 

I am still learning, growing into the person I envisioned myself to be, I have had my struggles to face, mountains to climb. When I wrote this quote some time ago, I had all of my past memories in the back of my mind! Perhaps, this quote may have a different meaning to you, but whatever the case may be I hope it inspires you to create your own path, not the ones that people want to create for you!


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