Positive Inspirations Radio Show January 19, 2014

Hello everyone, it has been way too long! Since my last radio show and I really missed my listeners, I think I had some really great quotes tonight and they were basically what our entire show was about. Those who have been listening to me from the beginning of time, know that the Positive Inspirations Show means a great deal to me!

It is a rare gift that I have to touch the lives of my listeners, and it is a very important part of making me be the person I hope to be. A motivator, an inspiration, and hopefully make you laugh with some of my corny jokes... Trust me I usually laugh at myself the most! So you will definitely have fun if you are a new listener of the show as well. 

The show is a new endeavor for me since I have only been doing it for a year, it was something I started out of the pure love of making people become and be happier! It is a constant struggle to find happiness from within sometimes, so I definitely believe that we can all use help in that department of life!

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Listen to Tonight's Episode: 

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I am super excited to announce that, we're now on iTunes for your inspirational needs!

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Hugs- " Always remember to live,  The Ultimate Life"-Frederica


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