Special Musical Guest Jade Hendrix stops by Positive Inspirations Radio Show February 9, 2014

Wow! I am more than a little excited to our 1st musical guest on the show,  was the beautiful and talented Jade Hendrix. She  is an absolute treasure from Ojai, California. Jade has always wanted to pursue a musical career, and says that she could never imagine doing anything other than what she is doing right now!

Photo: Courtesy of @JadeHendrix via Twitter pictured with Jason Mraz

Her mother also has an intricate musical past  and has influenced Jade as well, but she revels in the Soul Music of the early 70's and says her genre of is best classified as Acoustic Soul Music. It was a pleasure talking with her and I know you will enjoy the  radio interview she recently did  on the Positive Inspirations Radio Show! 

Photo: Courtesy of  www.jade-hendrix.com

Jade is embarking on a truly magical journey, and needs everyone to help and support her mission and goal which is to make and complete her First Album. She shared  all of the details

 about her recent fundraising campaign and what gives her the motivation to be an artist in a very hard 

industry to break into!

Enjoy the show, and when Jade drops the First Album and or visits Chicago, she promised to visit the show again! 

Listen Now to our Interview: Sorry the audio was not the best in beginning of this episode...

Jade Hendrix Interview Positive Inspirations Radio Show

Photo: Courtesy of www.jade-hendrix.com

Where can you find out more about  Jade Hendrix?

Website:Jade Hendrix Music Official Website

Twitter: Follow Jade Hendrix on Twitter

Facebook: Visit Facebook for Upcoming News & Events

Photo: Courtesy of www.jade-hendrix.com

 Support and Join Jade in Fundraising @indiegogo: 

Jade's YouTube Videos + Music:


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