Positive Inspirations Radio Show March 31, 2014

Hello everyone, today was a very special morning edition of  the Positive Inspirations Radio Show, our topic was: 'The Art of Positivity'  and  the quotes I loved the most today came from none other, than the wonderful Mr. Fred Rogers, for those of you who don't know who Mr. Rogers was, I give you a little information about him in the beginning of the show. He was a definite childhood hero of mine, and I can still say even in adulthood, I love all of his guidance and his always 'it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood',  happy attitude!

Our attitudes, affect so much of who we are, and who we want to be in life! It's great to know that you can always change who you are, or even the circumstances that may occur in your  life. That is called 'The Art of Positivity'. Living your life in a positive way despite, life challenges that do and will come against us at times!

I want you to think about the 2 major tragedies that have affected us all, this past month, the missing jet liner, with no survivors. As well as the recent mudslide in Arlington, Washington both disasters have us wondering about life and how we can remain positive throughout all of this? 

 Missing Jetliner Malaysian Flight No Survivors

The mudslide, that happened without warning

Mudslide search and rescue continues

People wanting to help
Read the story here:  Mudslide brings out the helpers

Soup Ladies cooking up a difference to help people during the Mud Slides (I mentioned them in the show)

It is called sending your care, love, support, prayers out to those that you don't know or may never know. We too can participate in 'The Art of Positivity', by fielding away negative energy and focus on the positive things that are also happening. People are taking the time and energy to find answers to our questions, about how this could have happened and why did it happen?

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We know it won't bring anyone back to us, but we have to keep hoping and believing in LOVE... above all else! 

Hugs, Frederica "Always remember to live,The Ultimate Life" 


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