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Positive Inspirations Radio Show 04/07 by Positive Inspirations Radio Show | Lifestyle Podcasts

Hello Ultimate Lifers, here is another all new Episode of the Positive Inspirations Radio Show!  Today we talk about  Spring Weather, Pinterest, Visit Frederica's profile on Pinterest.    and finding and getting what you want out of a relationship, just to name a few! Even though our topics are always serious and reflect what we want in our lives, you can always get a good laugh by listening to ME...For instance, when I got romance never dies mixed up with romance verdies... Honestly... that's how my eyes saw it and my brain went along with the program... (LOL) There are so many great quotes about relationships in this show, I have listed  where you can find out more information about these quotes during the show. But in case you missed any of them, I have put the links in this blog post for you to refer back to! Quotes and Websites noted during the show: