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L'oreal Paris New Extraordinaire by Colour Riche

Hello everyone, as you know I usually stay in the red or browns when it comes to lip colors, they just seem to work better for my overall skin tone. I also wear lipstick because growing up, even when I became a teenager, people would still think I was 13 instead of 17, that did not work out very well, then.  My age, didn't make to much of a difference, but guess what? when I was finally allowed to wear make up, I was very happy that I could finally look my age! LOL... I guess it's not a curse to be blessed with cherub cheeks, especially when you start to get older. Anyway, I was sent this New Extraordinaire Lip Colour Riche by L'oreal Paris. Although this is a sponsored post, the opinions are entirely my own. I wear L'oreal Lip Colour anyway, so I wasn't really surprised that it was a very pretty shade of coral/pink. The exact name of the color I received was: Shade 202 Coral Encore. I normally, don't wear these colors, but I did give it a try, and this color