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How It Was Styled- Street Style Edition

Hello everyone,  as you may know we are coming to the wonderful close of Summer. It's not officially over, but with the kids going back to school and the purchases of new back packs and school supplies reality eventually, sets in!! It's been a really good Summer for the most part, we've all gotten to make a bunch of new memories.  Weather predictions have suggested another frigid Winter. I can still remember the below zero temperatures from last year, so I hope it doesn't repeat itself. In this, edition of How It Was Styled,  I paired distressed black denim jeans, with a white tank, a love jersey, plus black oxfords. Add a pair of aviator sunglasses, what's any cooler than black aviators? I am sure we all have great memories of Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis in 'Top Gun'. Those two made aviators look so cool! For the most part, we're still having decent weather, which is pretty awesome. Check out my style details below: Style Details: Wh

A New Fashion Discovery

Hello Everyone, Can I just say how much I've missed chatting with you all !! August was a crazy month for me, with school starting back for my kids and not too mention, trying to conquer all of the craziness of having colds that never wanted to go away! Let me just say, being a MOM, is never an easy job. It really does, take a strong person to do the job! Well, I  have a new fashion discovery that I wanted to share with you and it's a company based out in London. Chi Chi London,  is their name and we're lucky because they can ship anything you like from the UK to United States. I really love all of the London fashionista's that just take fashion to a whole other level, examples being RITA ORA, Cara Delevigne, Poppy Delevigne, of course there are others but these ladies really make their fashion choices sing! One of them is a singer, by the way, (Rita Ora). You will see some of these lovely ladies of London, on my Pinterest *Style Stars* Board Follow Frederica&