How It Was Styled- Scarftastic Style

Hello everyone, I had a fantastic time at a local scarf tying event! YES... A Scarf tying event, you heard right. I am really into scarfs now, not sure how long this will last but, our demonstrator Suzette, had me really intrigued, by how many wonderful ways you can style a scarf!

In this edition of  How It Was Styled, it was truly scarftastic. Suzette, tied so many variations for us to see, I think my scarf was to short at times, for some of her tips, but I sure had a lot of fun trying to be an expert. 

It's always fun to learn something new. You can make an otherwise boring t-shirt have a little more pizzazz. Scarves look great with blazers, sweaters, turtlenecks, white blouses, t-shirts and dresses!
Basically,  anything  you've been wanting to try a scarf with go for it! Fall and Winter are times to add new ideas to your wardrobe, spark some creativity by finding one or two you'll love. I have bought a few of them so far, that I really like, I hope this post gives you some inspiration for trying something new.

Another great idea, that Suzette told us about was, ways that you can go to a local craft store and get some snazzy scarf rings, or use those gorgeous statement rings you have to make your scarf standout even more.These items, shouldn't be too pricey, we were astounded by how affordable her rings were, as well as decorative. 

Here is my outfit for,  how it was styled for this scarftastic post! We also got an awesome hand out that I hope will make new scarf lovers, lives a little easier.



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

Style Details:
Grey Tribal Cardigan- H & M
Grey Tank Top- Active Basic
Black Infinity Scarf- Discovery Clothing
Jegging Blue Jeans- YMI
ELLE Limited Edition Tan Booties- Kohl's

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