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Terrific Tuesday Late Post 006

This is a Terrific Tuesday Late post, I simply love this quote by Theodore Roosevelt, because it inspires you to think outside of yourself. Life is our destiny, it will have rigorous turns, but it's not meant to be a life of ease. Sometimes, we learn the most by going through obstacles, dusting ourselves off, and getting back up to try again! I especially, love these lines in the quote, "Let us live in the harness striving mightily; Let us rather run the risk of wearing out than rusting out". It means to keep going, no matter what, life has endless possibilities if you continue to pursue everything humanly possibly to help you achieve a better YOU! Keep this close to your heart so that in spite of challenges, you continue to out perform yourself! Hugs, Frederica 'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

Makeup by 1 D Limited Edition Tins - Beauty Buys

As you brace yourself to find those coveted Black Friday Deals, there is 1 deal that you can bank on! The Makeup by 1D Limitied Edition Tins Collection, will be on sale for your holiday gift giving or even a selfish beauty buy for your self. You may recall my review of this collection in late August! I can honestly say that the these cosmetics did not disappoint there are plenty of colors to choose from, and stencils to keep your little ones busy, {in my case}.You will get every item inspired by their wonderful collection of music inspired by their love of telling a story through their music. If you have a beauty lover in your family, it is such a great item to give because it's already in its own special case, you just need to add the gift wrap, and you will be set to gift. The holidays, are a very special time of the year to remember the people and the things, that those people love. For instance, even if you've forgotten to give a birthday gift, or remember anything else

Terrific Tuesday Post 002

Hello everyone, another Terrific Tuesday Post is upon us. I hope you like this one by Helen Keller. It talks about being in a state of stillness, knowing that no matter what situation you are in or going through, it can never quiet your feelings, of love, self contentment, or happiness from within. You have to come to that place, that comforts and quiets your doubts, things that make you respect the past, but resolve in the future. People put so much emphasis on silly things, that they miss out on the optimistic and hopeful part of life. The holidays are around the corner, and it's always great to be mindful of where you were in life, and change anything that you're not happy with in your life. It's having a positive mindset that you can conquer anything, challenges do arise, but what can you make out of those challenges to get you where you'd like to be! We are a team on the #TerrificTuesday posts, so tag me on Instagram or Twitter with anything that is making

Products I heart Lookbook Store

Hello everyone, I am creating a couple of new things for you to feast your eyes on, for instance there will be a Products I heart   post every Monday.  I will also be doing a Terrific Tuesday post, for you as well. I think it's important to keep the blog as fresh and interesting as possible, so I will be making more style recommendations for you, and I hope you will join me on Pinterest to check out more of the things I love and want to share with you! This item is from the Lookbook Store, if you haven't gotten a chance to check them out, you definitely should soon! It is a bloggers dream to shop there, and many of the outfits will have bloggers wearing them too! I will still be giving you my outfit posts as well, but I am adding a lot of the places that I love to shop in different areas on the blog, so you won't be getting the same old stuff! If there is ever anything you'd like to see please let me know, my readers come from all over the globe, so I try to acco

Terrific Tuesday Post 001

Hello everyone, Happy Tuesday! Today is Veteran's Day and if you are following me on Twitter you may have already heard, that I am rolling out a new edition on the blog entitled hashtag #TerrificTuesday. You can join in on the fun with me and show a picture of anything that is making you have a Terrific Tuesday! Veteran's Day happened to fall on a Tuesday this year, and it is so important for us to remember all of the men and women who serve and protect our country, they put their lives at risk to make sure we have everyday freedom, that most countries suffer for. We are truly blessed by so many things, that sometimes it's easy to forget how many little things comprise of the bigger things. You never want to think about all of the war torn countries that exist, but it's because of the brave men and women that serve our nation, that we can raise our families, and have a beautiful life.  They sacrifice so much being away from their families, and although we may never g