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As you brace yourself to find those coveted Black Friday Deals, there is 1 deal that you can bank on! The Makeup by 1D Limitied Edition Tins Collection, will be on sale for your holiday gift giving or even a selfish beauty buy for your self.You may recall my review of this collection in late August! I can honestly say that the these cosmetics did not disappoint there are plenty of colors to choose from, and stencils to keep your little ones busy, {in my case}.You will get every item inspired by their wonderful collection of music inspired by their love of telling a story through their music. If you have a beauty lover in your family, it is such a great item to give because it's already in its own special case, you just need to add the gift wrap, and you will be set to gift.

The holidays, are a very special time of the year to remember the people and the things, that those people love. For instance, even if you've forgotten to give a birthday gift, or remember anything else significant in a their lives,  you can rest assured that around Christmas time you will remember them. If anyone has played a role in making you happy this year, why not do the same for them?

Now you can get 30% off the Makeup by 1D Looks Collection Limited Edition Tin when
you visit any of these fine retailers: Macy's, Dillards, Lord & Taylor, Stage Stores.

from Wednesday November 26, 2014 - Saturday November 29, 2014.



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