Terrific Tuesday Post 002

Hello everyone, another Terrific Tuesday Post is upon us. I hope you like this one by Helen Keller. It talks about being in a state of stillness, knowing that no matter what situation you are in or going through, it can never quiet your feelings, of love, self contentment, or happiness from within.
You have to come to that place, that comforts and quiets your doubts, things that make you respect the past, but resolve in the future. People put so much emphasis on silly things, that they miss out on the optimistic and hopeful part of life.

The holidays are around the corner, and it's always great to be mindful of where you were in life, and change anything that you're not happy with in your life. It's having a positive mindset that you can conquer anything, challenges do arise, but what can you make out of those challenges to get you where you'd like to be!
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'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'


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