Terrific Tuesday Post 001

Hello everyone, Happy Tuesday! Today is Veteran's Day and if you are following me on Twitter you may have already heard, that I am rolling out a new edition on the blog entitled hashtag #TerrificTuesday. You can join in on the fun with me and show a picture of anything that is making you have a Terrific Tuesday! Veteran's Day happened to fall on a Tuesday this year, and it is so important for us to remember all of the men and women who serve and protect our country, they put their lives at risk to make sure we have everyday freedom, that most countries suffer for.

We are truly blessed by so many things, that sometimes it's easy to forget how many little things comprise of the bigger things. You never want to think about all of the war torn countries that exist, but it's because of the brave men and women that serve our nation, that we can raise our families, and have a beautiful life. 

They sacrifice so much being away from their families, and although we may never get a chance to meet them personally, it is so important to thank them for their service! I don't think that they could face everyday if they didn't have a good attitude about helping others. Most times, they don't even know or think about, the possibility of never returning home, to see their loved ones.

I have three great quotes for Terrific Tuesday today! I hope you enjoy them and always keep them at the forefront of your mind. Attitude definitely relates to anything we choose to accomplish in life!



' Always remember to live , The Ultimate Life '



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