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Terrific Tuesday Post 008

Hello my lovelies, in this Terrific Tuesday post, I have something awesome to share with you. We all may have gained some unwanted pounds over the holidays, and those New Year's resolutions may have dissolved with our resolve. But what if there was a way for you to lose wait and provide meals for people in need, would you want to do it? Of course, you would! Here are the details, I was watching the Today Show, and my favorite actor/comedian Joel McHale was on talking about a new project he is partnered with, fitbit, FitForFood, where they have partnered with Feeding America. If you sign up with FitForFood, any calories that you burn towards being active will count towards meals for feeding needy people in America. They hope to provide 1.5 million meals to those in need. You have a chance to do something good for yourself, as well as giving back to someone else, who knew losing weight could feel so great! Sign up now! It all begins February 3rd, 2015  FITBIT S

Products I heart Pleated Layer Top

In this edition of Products I heart, I am in love with this cute pleated layer top available at the Look Book Store. They have so many cute items, and they are also very affordable. If you click on the blouse, you will be directly taken to the store. I love this item because you can dress it up or you can dress it down. A beautiful pencil skirt, with your best high heels, or for a night on the town, pair it with your darkest and cutest denim jeans. Either way, you will be the talk of the town! Anytime, you wear this blouse  it will put emphasis on the smallest part of your waist line which will make you look even slimmer. Spring is on the way soon, so this would definitely be a great pick  for your wardrobe needs! Don't forget if you find something you absolutely love be sure to leave a comment on Pinterest, Instagram Twitter, or here on the blog! Hugs, Frederica 'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'

How It Was Styled-Little Black Dress

Hello everyone, in this December Edition of How It Was Styled, I decided to show you this perfectly gorgeous Little Black Dress, that I wore. I paired my dress with a pair of dark brown, Calvin Klein knee length boots! But you can pair your Little Black Dress, with any pair of boots or shoes, you'd like! I have created a few looks for you to choose from with my Polyvore style sets. It's important to me, that when I create the Polyvore sets to try and stay within a comfortable price range. Gorgeous, yet affordable!!!  The little black dress can be worn so many ways, so make sure you have a couple of them in your wardrobe arsenal. Style Details:  H&M- Black Dress Gold Zipper Accents  Knee-High Boots Calvin Klein Hugs, Frederica "Always remember to live The Ultimate Life" How It Was Styled The Little Black Dress by fredericaehimen featuring a petite cocktail dress

Terrific Tuesday Post 007

Happy Terrific Tuesday everyone! I hope you had a marvelous Monday, now we are wrapping up with Tuesday, it can be hard to find interesting things for Tuesday Posts, but I am still working on this very important segment of the blog! As you know, I always encourage my lovely readers to enjoy life, and do everything you can to stay fashionable, have a healthy mind, heart, body & soul. Today I came across an awesome website, that I am sure to be using very often to provide humor, encouragement, and inspiring things. The website can be found here: , trust me it is not a typo, that is the name of the website, that encourages you to LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE. My sentiments exactly! These videos will be on repeat here, and I found a very interesting one that I will be utilizing for today's post. The video interviews Seniors around the world asking them the question, what advice, they'd give to young people. You will hear a lot of follow your dreams, be the best you, an

Products I heart 2020AVE

Hello everyone, welcome to another edition of Products I heart! These new posts featured on Mondays are designed to introduce you to products or items that I feel will be beneficial to you. In this particular post, I am currently in love with the adorable online store, 2020AVE for women. The store is best compared to H&M meets Forever 21.   The dresses are beautifully designed, you'll find unique  pants, shoes & more! I have included these as a great style recommendations for you because, we soon  transition from Winter to Spring, and it's very important to find affordable fashion for that purpose. You can also find me on  Pinterest to get even  more suggestions, that  I love and share with you! These particular  items are from   2020AVE .  If you've never shopped there before, you will be so amazed that you'll want to tell a friend. If there is ever anything you'd like to see featured on the blog be sure to let me know. Don't forget to subscrib