Terrific Tuesday Post 007

Happy Terrific Tuesday everyone! I hope you had a marvelous Monday, now we are wrapping up with Tuesday, it can be hard to find interesting things for Tuesday Posts, but I am still working on this very important segment of the blog! As you know, I always encourage my lovely readers to enjoy life, and do everything you can to stay fashionable, have a healthy mind, heart, body & soul.

Today I came across an awesome website, that I am sure to be using very often to provide humor, encouragement, and inspiring things. The website can be found here: SUNNYSKYZ.com, trust me it is not a typo, that is the name of the website, that encourages you to LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE. My sentiments exactly! These videos will be on repeat here, and I found a very interesting one that I will be utilizing for today's post.

The video interviews Seniors around the world asking them the question, what advice, they'd give to young people. You will hear a lot of follow your dreams, be the best you, and so much more it's really a great video that you'll want to watch again and again, and maybe will even share with friends. Chime in on this topic, and leave a comment below on advice you'd give to the younger generation.

I hope you're having a Terrific Tuesday!



'Always remember to live, The Ultimate Life'


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